Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What day is it today?

Hmmm, I'm getting a bit worried about burnout, which is pretty sad seeing as my career hasn't really even started. I'm fairly used to juggling multiple projects/family events, but lately I've started to lose track of things.

It started with a perpetually elongating to-do list. I have the best intentions of actually doing some of the stuff on the list, but alas, there's never enough time in the day. And I'm not even talking about the big stuff - I haven't had an oil change in 6 months and it took me 3 months to replace a door after I decided it needed to be done. Work stuff is generally getting done, but more on a prioritized schedule. If it ain't due immediately or will directly benefit me, it sits. And sits. Until I'm told I need to do something about it. From what I've heard this is actually a valuable time-management skill most professors eventually adopt.

The only problem is that I've now become so accustomed to having things piled up that I've become numb to guilt and the nagging voices in my head that used to warn me how guilty I'd feel if I forgot something. Which is OK when it's getting the rDNA certification for the lab refreshed, but not so great when it's your nephews birthday. Because without the nagging, I honestly forgot what day it was. Both what day of the week and what the date of the party was.

I'm an idiot. An absent-minded idiot.

Should I take this as affirmation of my career choice? Maybe I'll fit in as a professor after all....

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