Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The nerve of some people

Grrr... I'd like my neighborhood, if it weren't for the people who live in it.

Does anybody else live in neighborhoods where it's OK to switch your garbage can full of stinking, slimy garbage with someone else's because you missed the trash pickup? Apparently I do.

After bringing back my son from the doctor (yup, it was another one of THOSE days) I found my garbage can in the street. Not far away, but kinda at an odd angle (we have very orderly garbage men who always seem to put back the trash cans in neat little rows). In any case, as I tried to wheel it into my garage I was assaulted by a horrible smell. I peered into the can and, sure enough, there was a rotting bag of garbage. And by rotting, I mean liquefied. And there were two bags of dog poo. I don't have a dog.

Who the hell does that, anyway....

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