Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patience is a virtue....

That I apparently do not possess.

Here I sit, stranded in an airport after my visit to the really, really big meeting, wondering if I actually have a shot at landing a tt job. Yeah, I'm cool and all that, but am I cool enough?

And exactly how long does it take to hear back after submitting a job application? One month? Longer? Shorter?

Doubts creep in like the incessant Christmas music in the background. Not only am I feeling insecure, but I'm also feeling guilty. About not having networked more. About not publishing enough. About not getting a fundable score on my K99. About my choice in mentor.

Because if I fail to get a job, I fail my family. No pressure. No, really.... ;-)


  1. No, you do NOT fail your family! The system does!

    Good luck--hope you hear great news soon!

  2. Thanks for the support!

    I'm working on a few other angles (including a couple of grant applications) and riding an emotional roller coaster while I wait for great news.

    After all, the future is what you make it, and those that wait for it to come to them are often passed by...

  3. Hope you're feeling better about things. It seems there's no good rule for how long it takes to hear frlom applications. Some people would contact me so long after I applied that I assumed they weren't going to interview me!