Friday, February 24, 2012

The dessert request I don't mind.... Usually

My oldest son has discovered gum.

After getting over the initial fear of him swallowing it without chewing, I decided to cave in to his persistent queries and hand over a piece of gum. Nothing fancy, just a bit of Orbit Winterfresh.

Turns out he loved it and now asks for it for dessert.

Hmmm... Let's see..... Sugarfree? Cleans his teeth? Gives him fresh breath? And better, it's a replacement for cookies? SIGN ME UP!

And then the inevitable happened.

As I was attempting to motivate him into getting dressed in the morning instead of staring slack-jawed at the TV, I noticed something.

Something in his hair.

It was sticky. Kinda chewy.....


Gum had somehow gotten in his hair.

My wife cheerfully let me know that peanut butter would help it get it out, but failed to mention how I could convince my 6-year old that having it spread into his hair right before school would be a good thing. Although to be fair, I wasn't totally convinced that the uber chunky peanut butter(what ever happened to regular chunky? I never signed up for "extreme peanut butter!)  we had would work anyway...

So I pulled. And I cut.

And my son is getting a haircut tonight.


  1. Oh nooooo! Well, it happens to many of us. Yes, I had gum cut out of my hair whilst a wee girl. Never did it again, though, so it was a valuable lesson...

    1. The thing I'm most confused about is that I found the gum first thing in the morning. 12 hours since he had any gum. After he brushed his teeth....

      Near as I can figure it out, I think he was jumping in his bed and accidentally spit it out. Then he slept on it.

      On the bright side, it wasn't too hard to get out, and he'll (fingers crossed) be more careful next time... :)

  2. Oh I remember when I was little I thought that it was possible to keep it on the bedpost. Gross I know in retrospect but I think that I must have overheard some one say that. But I ended up getting in my hair since my bed didn't have a bedpost so I probably put it on my pillow. My mother had to cut it out the next day.

    1. I forgot to mention that I did ask him if e had tried "storing" his gum overnight. He swore he didn't.

      On the bright side, I was able to pull a lot of it out without needing to cut. It probably helped that he doesn't have super long hair. :)