Friday, June 1, 2012

Dr. Dad goes to Washington

One of my favorite things about my job is how I get to do things I never expected.

A few weeks ago (date obscured a bit to help with anonymity) I had the amazing opportunity to head down to our nation's capital to sell science to Senators and Congressmen. I've made the trip to DC many times, but I always get the same feeling - like I'm there doing something important. Like what I do matters.

With my continued job search and the uncertain career path ahead of me I sometimes forget just how awesome it is to think about science. Especially in the bigger sense. It's not necessarily about the substance I'm pipetting that day or even the question that I'm trying to answer.

It's about the fact that I get to ask questions. And seek out answers. And sometimes, try and persuade other people that the most important thing is to ask questions that no one else is thinking about. Because those questions can lead to something greater. A greater understanding? Yes, but also a foundation for further questions probing the unknown.

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