Thursday, July 5, 2012

Job offer conspiracy?

I don't mean to complain, but how is it that one can struggle through months of silence during a job search only to have a flood of interest within a few days or weeks?

The good news is that I finally got an "official offer" via phone for a postdoc position that interviewed for several months ago. The funny part is that I got the offer the day after I got nervous enough to hedge my bets and start applying to other places (academic postdocs and industry). I honestly wonder if my office was bugged or if they planted a tracking cookie on my computer.

To make it even more comical, I also got an unsolicited heads-up on an academic position that will be opening up at a very good Institution by a contact of mine, who wants to recruit me to work with him. Needless to say, I will push past my odd feelings about the situation (most likely stemming from self-doubt) and pursue that option. Add to that a few industry phone interviews and my ego is reeling from too much stroking.

 But then again, these are not bad "problems" to have and I am very excited about the prospect of having decent health insurance again....



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    1. Thanks! I think I'll end up taking it one step at a time. My impression from the industry interviews were that they were looking for someone else - I'm not sure I have the strongest skill set for what they want. So I can't count on much there.

      The academic position is also not a sure thing, and not something I'd be willing to bet the farm on. That being said I'll try my darnedest to get the job by writing a killer cover letter, but the reality is that I'll be competing against some of the country's best. Frankly, although I know I can do the job, I know that I might not be the best candidate on paper.

      Which leaves an interim postdoc. I am very excited by the offer I have in hand because it makes sense for our family (no move required, very good pay/benefits, interesting broadening of my research repertoire).

      However, I now have a phone interview set up next week for a postdoc at the NIH. Not a bad gig, although it is much tougher for my family (involves a move, my wife leaving her job, new schools/daycare/etc.). I'll just have to wait on the details to see which is best....

  2. Congrats on all of the offers! Have fun deciding!

    1. Thanks! It's still hard to take it all in, and part of me feels like the viable options (another postdoc - see my comment above to nicoleandmaggie on my reasoning) result in extending my indecisive nature.

      I am now chasing two very good postdoc leads - one local, one at the NIH. I'm gonna have to phone a few mentors to help me decide....

  3. Haha for me, the job search will deflated then inflated my ego faster than I could figure out what hit me. I'm now in a position I enjoy very much, sad to turn down some other very attractive options, but quite pleased with where I am. I'm looking to apply to graduate school soon though, re-entering that world after a brief interlude in I'm sure I'll hit the ups and downs again soon. It's all a part of the's the reason why times like these are so awesome :) Enjoy!

  4. Yay for options!! Good luck :)