Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today's quick rant

Dear advisor/PI,

If I don't have time to finish/start the experiments I/you want, why the hell do I need to do the ordering for the entire lab? Why can't the other postdoc or student order for themselves?

Or, more to the point, after I make a list of what we need and submit it for your approval, why do you insist I spend a day shopping for the best price on every single item?

 Yes, money is short. But my time (and apparently my fuse) is shorter. Grrr....

 On a related note, how hard is it for people in the lab to tell me when something critical (plasticware, pipettes, etc) is running low? And anyone got any coverslips we can borrow? I might start using random bits of glass I find on the floor...


  1. "ow hard is it for people in the lab to tell me when something critical (plasticware, pipettes, etc) is running low?"

    afaik (my lab atm) it's very hard... both looking out for someone else when you use the last one (since 'they don't need it right now') and the general idea of "writing it on the order list" so we still have it. Still baffles me to no end.

    1. The biggest rule I have: "you kill it, you fill it." Or at the very least let someone know it's time to get more....

      When we run out of things it's hard for me not to channel my PhD advisor and rant up a storm (although I won't go as far as to actually throw things at lab members in fits of rage), but I still want people to know my displeasure....

      My favorite thing is when my PI needled me in a lab meeting by saying that someone had mentioned that we needed to get better about ordering things in a timely fashion. To which I replied "Don't look at me - I can only order what I know needs ordering. I'm doing my own experiments and can only monitor what I'll need. The only way it's going to work is if everyone chips in..."

  2. It's not just your lab. Husband is a manager is a restaurant. Things no one told him to order (it's his job to order but other managers' jobs to tell him what they need for their areas): mixers for making mix drinks, beer (which ran out ON game day), cups. CUPS!!! If they had more than 30 people they were out of CUPS! Office supplies, especially pens. Not sure it'll make you feel better, but I know he gets your frustration.