Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bobbing and weaving

A lot has happened in the last two weeks, but all points to one salient fact. I need to watch out for myself.

Which is why I spoke up and told the administration I was having problems. It won't necessarily protect me any, but I feel a hell of a lot better after getting it off my chest. I knew to frame everything in the context of my project ("I really want to succeed in this research, but I'm hampered by X"), and can now focus on getting data. If my boss tries anything else, I think the PR machine I just threw in front of me will help deflect some of the criticism back toward my boss.

I don't like having to play with politics this much, but I suppose this has become a baptism of fire for me. I've worked in some pretty contentious organizations, been part of an acquisition, and even been laid off twice. But where I'm at now takes the cake in terms of back-stabbing, two-faced, unprofessionalism.A den of snakes where no one can be trusted. But honestly, I can't blame them.

Because no one FEELS safe....

Because no one IS safe....

When everyone is worried that the axe might be coming for them next, it tends to be a bit.... stressful. Take for example when the security guard came into the Cancer Center Director's office to tell him he was no longer employed there. At 3PM he had 20 minutes to pack whatever he wanted into one box, and was escorted out of the building and never allowed back in.

While I've seen plenty of this in business, I'm not used to this in academics.... And here's the kicker - this has happened at least 5 times in the past 7 years. Not because of ethics breaches or inappropriate behavior. This is just how they do things - run like a corporation, where no one gets a contract, no one gets protection. Grants or no grants, it doesn't matter. You can be gone on any given Friday.

So yeah, I'm learning a lot from this job. Too bad most of it isn't the science....

With that, I leave you with new theme song. I'm not admitting to anything, but I MAY listen to this every day as I drive to work in order to get me in the proper frame of mind to deal with my boss.Whatever it takes to get through the day....


  1. haha. better not admit to anything ;) I like Godsmack when I'm trying to go through my weight routine... when driving, there's a risk of me driving too fast ...... ^^

    As for the job situation, it sounds pretty rough. I had one of those "2- mins and then they're gone" earlier this year (to someone I worked with that is, not for me). But that really shocked me, since in my home country it wouldn't happen [at least not a few years ago]. Here though [right to work state] it's common.... I don't really understand why the company think that ppl will be productive when they're that nervous about getting canned but maybe i've missed something?

    hang in there, good luck and hope you can get a paper out and then move to better places :)

    1. Sorry for the hiatus, but I've managed to get in front of the situation and have administrative support. My boss is even being nice to me (although that is in itself worrisome to me). I'll keep everyone updated, but I can't promise it will be in real-time. I'm pausing to post much of the happenings to protect my identity :)