Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post hump day pep talk

So, Although I think I'm in pretty good shape for my impending academic job search, I've come to realize that I'm not quite where I should be. Yes, I have my CV written. My PhD advisor taught me to keep it constantly updated and ready should it be needed, and even in my tender years I say the wisdom in her teachings. After all, chance favors the prepared mind....

I even finished a draft of a teaching statement based of an example someone was kind enough to give me. Although it's in a different discipline, I figure teaching is teaching.... And I'm retooling a mentored career grant for my research statement.

So I should be set, right?

No. Because I've got a hang up. I'm having a hard time asking for help/mentoring. I've always been a DIY, low-maintenance kinda guy, and I always feel awkward handing of drafts that are far from perfect. I never considered myself a perfectionist, but I do like to make a good impression.

So, as I embark upon what may be the most important six months of my career, I gotta take my advice from Risky Business (and perhaps date myself more than I'd like to admit)....

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