Saturday, September 24, 2011

Am I being overly sensitive?

OK. I love my kids to death. Which is why I'm a little worried when the nurse at the clinic recognizes me and knows my youngest son's name. She also remembers all the other times we've gone in to have blood drawn. And he's only 2 years old.

My son is not terribly sick or fighting any known disease, but I hate the fact that he now dreads going into that office. One look at the waiting room and he turned to me and asked "home now?" It tears me up to have to hold him while they draw 6 vials of blood, and to be honest, my muscles are a bit more tense than they should be....



  1. That actually sounds very sad to me. :( Hope he has a nice long break from blood draws this winter.

  2. @Dr. O - First off, congrats on making it onto the tenure track! You rock!

    As for my son, I'm hoping its his last blood draw for awhile - he's had more than his share. One good thing about him being young, though - he bounces back really fast. Almost too fast, at least for my liking.... :)