Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grant Fail :(

Got the score for my K99. Or should I say lack of score. Triaged. I sorta felt like my research plan was a stretch, but I was hoping for more...

To say I feel deflated is an understatement. But I've been here before and I know it's just part of the deal of doing academic research. I only wish I didn't have so much riding on the outcome. Still not sure if I have a job next fall...

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself. Time to brush myself off send in a few job apps while I wait for the comments to be posted.


  1. Hey, mine was triaged first time out, too; you never know what might happen on a second submission. I've heard that many funded K awards are triaged first time out. Wait for the reviews - you may be closer to the mark than you think.

    Oh, and have a bottle of wine at the ready, and a glass already polished off, when you sit down to read the summary statement. Really helps the comments go down more smoothly.

  2. Meant to reply sooner, but stuff came up (like a night in the emergency room for my son - don't worry, he's OK).

    In retrospect, I'm not really all that bummed - I knew that there were parts of my application that weren't totally normal and that my research plan may have been to broad. And to be honest, my currently funded grant was triaged before I got it, so I shouldn't be all that offended...

    I really think my response has more to do with the constant writing involved in looking for a TT job - I'm getting a bit burned out....

    Must be time for a wine session :)