Thursday, November 3, 2011

Over-stretching for a job?

So, ummm.... I'm applying to job postings right now. Looking for the elusive first tenure-track job.

As I round the curve and head into the home stretch of round one, I can't help but notice that in just about every instance they don't have ANYBODY doing anything like what I do.

Sure I can see collaborations and mention them in my research plan, and I really don't think that these are odd departments for my research.

Or are they?

Grr.. I hate self doubt.....

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  1. I've had this problem for years...hence why I and many others have left academia after finishing the PhD. I got tired of feeling as if I'd have to almost the equivalent of an elastic band....since I'd have to bend my interests so much to any job spec that I saw that looked "interesting and hopeful".