Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm raising a nerd....:)

...and I like it! It seems like the transition to the new school was a success.

Not only is the wee one no longer traumatized by the thought of school, but he is also back to exploring the world around him. Although it does lead to a rather constant stream of questions, he is starting to form hypotheses (and test them!) on his own.

 Last night's tidbit:
   Son: How does juice turn into ice?
   Me: How do you think it forms?
   Son: I'm not sure. Is ice made from juice? Or does stuff floating in the air coat the juice?
   Me: What do you think?
   Son: I think it's from stuff sitting on the it. Can we do a test?
   Me: You mean do an experiment?
   Son: YYYEEEESSSSS!!!! AN EXPERIMENT! Can we do an experiment, Daddy?
   Me: <<<Silent, internal cheering>>>  Welcome to the dark side, son...
   Son: Huh?
   Me: Nevermind..... What do you think we could do to test your theory?

So, he designed a simple little overnight experiment and checked the next day. He decided that his hypothesis was wrong, and that ice actually forms from the juice...

Of course I'll be happy with whatever he decides to do, but I LOVE seeing him explore and figure things out on his own. He may never turn out to be a scientist, but I'm fine with that. Because so much of being intelligent is simply learning that curiosity is OK. And that the world is a very cool, interesting place.

It also shows me, even though its a small thing, that we made the right choice in switching schools....


  1. Yay!!! Mine explained to me all the rule breakers for phonics stuff on the way to school today. (closed something = vowel consonant consonant..)

  2. I LOVE when my kids explain stuff to me!

    My oldest doesn't quite have the hang of phonics, but he did explain the theory of evolution to me when he was 3....

    And yes, I am already scared for his social life when he enters his teen years.

  3. He just needs to go to a nerd high school. That's how DH and I met.