Friday, January 20, 2012

Wow, I need to get out more....

I just caught myself explaining the inaccuracies present in the World of Dora. No, blowing into a balloon will not allow you to fly. Unless you're filled with Helium.

The funniest part is how my 2-year old was looking at me. You know - wide-eyed, but slightly confused.

I can see the inner dialogue now:
"What is that crazy daddy talking about? I know, I'll just smile and nod and maybe he'll let me go back to watching my shows..."
What worries me the most is how the scientific liberties the show took bothered me. And that I HAD to explain them to my son. As if he would be scarred for life if he didn't understand the Science behind it all.

Geesh. I'm a nerd..

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