Thursday, January 26, 2012

Productivity problem

I'm not alone in this, but I need to be more productive.  More papers. More research. More time with family.

Easy? No. Necessary? Yes. If I am ever going to get taken seriously as an academic researcher, I'm gonna have to start pumping out papers, instead of letting them trickle out only after I get them "perfect."

I've been struggling to identify the source of my block and I think I've finally figured it out. I am spending too much time worrying. What if Prof. X (renowned researcher in my field) reads my paper and thinks I'm full of crap? What if I don't cite an eminent colleague and end up starting my career by making an enemy? What if people realize that I don't really feel like an expert? That I'm only a pretender on stage? What if I never get an interview this round? What if my grant doesn't get funded?

Enough is enough. There is no point wasting my time worrying. From now on I will stop watching my future pass me by and I will instead take action.

It might not turn out how I envisioned, but I need to "suck it up and tough it out and be the best I can."


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