Friday, August 10, 2012

Unfetter health insurance from employment

I just came across the story of Yovany Gonzalez, a former mortgage consultant with Wells Fargo. According to a lawsuit he filed, he was fired because his dying daughter Mackenzie needed expensive cancer treatment and the company did not want to pay for the procedure. Wells Fargo got their wish. Not only did the hospital cancel the surgery because Mackenzie longer was covered by health insurance, but she also soon died of cancer.

I'll warn you that I haven't done any fact checking (while I do like watching the Young Turks, they tend to be partisan), but  it appears on the surface to be true. I suppose more details will come out at the trial, but I don't think this will help the image bankers or the finance sector....

Link to the original story below.


  1. But that would be.... SOCIALIST!!

    Pop quiz- don't look it up!: What is the largest healthcare system in the country?


    The VA Hospital system.

    1. Actually, I used to work for the VA during grad school, so I had an unfair advantage answering your question... :P